NYC Diesel Feminized

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NYC Diesel Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Soma Seeds: The N.Y.C Diesel feminised weed strain has its roots in the Big Apple, a friend brought the seeds and said that it was the best pot he ever smoked; he had dreads down to the ground so I believed him.

This Cannabis tastes and smells like Ripe Red Grapefruits, once you touch the fresh buds you cannot smell the other strains in your room or garden. New York City Diesel will leave you an Exotic Taste, an Exotic Smell and an Exotic High. Soma got his diesel from a bag seed from a buddy from NYC or at least that’s how soma described it. His diesel could be an s1 of original diesel, UnderDawg, sour d, or any other b/c it sounds like all of them in NYC gets mixed up pretty easily (due to similar heritage) unless you’re really in the loop and have access to all of them and know heritage. That leaves a range of options for soma’s expression of his bag seed diesel momma. And yes, his NYC Diesel is not pure Diesel; his first hybrid that won the awards was that diesel bag momma cross shanti’s Afghani/Hawaiian male. i believe the current seeds sold by soma are a first backcross to his diesel mom.

This female weed strain is developed from a Mexican Sativa combined with Afghani and Hawaiian Indicas. The resulting strain was an instant hit and is now sold in the finest coffee shops in Amsterdam. This feminised marijuana strain is also a popular medicinal marijuana strain and is an effective source of pain relief, without causing couch lock or reducing the patient’s energy levels in any way. In fact, this medical cannabis strain has a perky and energetic effect, making it ideal for those suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety.

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